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Suzanne Stabile

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    Luke Norsworthy (7) - How to Love the Life You Already Have

    We've officially named Luke the first member of The Enneagram Journey 5 Timer Club! It's a big deal.

    Not as big a deal though as his latest book, How To Love The Life You Already Have.

    If you're looking for the Richard Rohr books Suzanne suggests to read in order (he has many more great ones!) here they are: Everything Belongs, The Naked Now, Falling Upward, Immortal Diamond.

    Luke (Enneagram 7), Suzanne, and Joel got a little distracted by some great conversation, so Suzanne and Luke are going to continue their talk on Instagram Live Wednesday, July 3 at 3:00 pm CST. You can find Suzanne on Instagram @suzannestabile and Luke @lukeanorsworthy

    We will try to add the link or the video to if you cannot join live.


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    Visit for all of the important information for the Enneagram event of the year, including pre-conference Yoga workshop with Courtney Perry, aka Yenneagram, and a post-conference workshop for Adoptees and former foster youth with Melissa Corkum.

    August 1-4, 2024 in Dallas or Online.

    If you miss joining in Dallas, we hope you can join Suzanne and LTM in September in Alabama or October in South Carolina!

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    • Hello (Adele 25)
    • David Whyte (A lyrical bridge between past, present, and future)
    • Rolling In The Deep (Adele 21)
    • 5 Timers Club (SNL S47: E13)
    • Easy On Me (Adele 30)
    • Mythic Quest (S1: E4)


    26 June 2024, 7:26 pm
  • 1 hour 4 minutes
    Tony Jones (8) - The God of Wild Places

    Enneagram 8, Tony Jones, steps out of the woods and into The Micah Center to sit down with Suzanne and her husband, Rev. Joseph Stabile, to talk about his latest book, The God of Wild Places.


    “One of the things I like about the wilderness is that it is not controllable.

    We’ve paved too many wild places.”


    If you haven't read The God of Wild Places yet, no worries! Give this episode a listen and it will get you prepped for it.



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    • Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows
    • We Are The Millers (2013, Warner Bros.)
    • Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008, Universal Pictures)
    • Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet (SNL, the best of Will Ferrell)
    • A River Runs Through It (1992, Columbia Pictures)


    12 June 2024, 4:26 pm
  • 1 hour 1 minute
    Chanel Dokun (1) - Binding Wounds, Liturgies, Reclaim the Morning

    "You can’t treat what you haven’t diagnosed and you can’t diagnose what you haven’t assessed." - Chanel Dokun

    "You can't fix what you can't name." - Suzanne Stabile


    Yeah, the two of them could talk for way longer than an hour! But, for today, let's meet Enneagram One, Chanel Dokun. She is a mother of two, life coach, speaker, and author of Life Starts Now. To find out more about Chanel and what she is doing in the world, visit


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    The deadline to apply is August 20, 2024, so there is time, but don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to dive into solitary work that cannot be done alone in the greatest space with the greatest people.

    CLICK HERE to learn more about each cohort: the dates, expectations, and applications.



    • SNL (NBC: May 13, 2017)
    • 30 Rock (NBC: S6, E8)
    • VEEP (HBO: S7, E1)
    23 May 2024, 3:16 pm
  • 46 minutes 42 seconds
    Alison McCrary (3) Part Two - Calling and Community

    The highly anticipated second part of our conversation with Alison McCrary (enneagram 3) is here!

    The Reverend (Joseph Stabile) takes host duties in today's episode as he and Alison talk about their callings and their journey. Alison started Methodist and now is Catholic. Joe started Catholic and now is Methodist. Wow, the journey they've been on!

    • Would the Reverend make a good butcher?
    • Alison and the Black Panthers teaming up?
    • Could Suzanne and Joe keep up with Alison for a day?

    Today's episode is light on enneagram, but so heavy on Journey, and we think that is a great thing, and hope you do too!

    Two links from the podcast that we hope you'll check out:

    Alison talks about her work with inmates on death row. If you would like to learn more and support that ministry, click here.

    And, if you want to learn more about Alison and all she is doing in the world, visit



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    • At Least It Was Here, The 88
    • Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (Touchstone Pictures, 1993)
    • Hitch (Columbia Pictures, 2005)
    • Parks and Rec (S6: E10)


    10 May 2024, 4:47 pm
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    Alison McCrary (3) - Big 3 Energy, Spiritual Practices, Queer Eye

    "A contemplative practice is any act, habitually entered into with your whole heart, as a way of awakening, deepening, and sustaining a contemplative experience of the inherent holiness of the present moment."

    -James Finley


    What an honor it is to have Alison McCrary join us on The Enneagram Journey!

    Who knows the people you might get to talk to when you're just sitting on the couch watching an episode of Queer Eye?! Alison, an enneagram 3, is a New Orleans based political, cultural, and spiritual warrior. She learned her number when she was in formation to become a Catholic Sister.

    Two great things about this episode. First, the Reverend joins the show! Second, we knew there was going to be so much to talk about that this is the first part of a two parter.

    To learn more about Alison and the great things she is doing in the world, visit

    And for those looking for her Spotify Playlists, you'll find them here


    2024 Enneagram Bootcamp - August 1-3 - in Dallas or join Online!

    Stress, Loss, and I right?!?! Join LTM and Suzanne as we add some new understanding and tools for these facets of life. The community that grows year over year at Bootcamp is hard to explain, but it is very real and very wonderful, and we want you to be a part of it.

    Visit for all of the important information and to get your tickets to join in Dallas or to register to join online if you cannot make it in person.

    3 days of solitary work that cannot be done alone!


    Today's Intro:

    • Queer Eye (S8, E5)
    • Sister Act (Touchstone Pictures, 1992)
    • Dane Cook (Retaliation)
    16 April 2024, 6:44 pm
  • 1 hour 2 minutes
    Matt Lesser (8) - Enneagram Cohort, Assessments, his Dark Night of the Soul

    Meet Enneagram Eight, Matt Lesser, the third third of the first third of our series with three members of the 2024 Enneagram Cohort!

    The man has done some work, and he shares his journey with us beginning with a life threatening illness when he was 15, depression in his twenties, and his dark night of the soul.

    He left the corporate world in 2021 and started his own business, beginning with two books, Unsatisfied: When Less Is More and Unengaged: Building Flourishing Organizations. Learn more about Matt and what he is doing at



    Too too too much to plug, so you need to hop over to and start with the Events Page. 2 upcoming Know Your Number workshops, the deadline for the 2024 Leading Change Cohort, and the Super Early Bird Special for the 2024 Enneagram Cohort, and some great other things and stuff!

    Just in case you missed it a few lines earlier, !



    • F.R.I.E.N.D.S (S8, E2)
    • Step Brothers (2008 Columbia Pictures)
    • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006 Columbia Pictures)


    27 March 2024, 6:34 am
  • 1 hour 8 minutes
    Alex Reegan (8) - Enneagram Cohort, Both/And, Shamanic Spirituality

    Welcome to Part 2 of what we envision to be a 9 part series throughout 2024 following 3 members of The LTM Enneagram Cohort features, enneagram 8, Alex Reegan!


    Alex Reegan is the author of What Needs To Be Said, as well as an interfaith minister, speaker, and transformative spiritual coach who uses his intuitive wisdom to help guide people towards their own inner knowing. Born into an evangelical Christian family that prevented his true identity as a trans man from emerging, he spent years in depression, anxiety, and addiction trying to break free of the oppressive beliefs that bound him. His journey at last led him to sobriety, shamanism and then seminary, which helped him reclaim his faith and trust in the Divine. Through speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one and group sessions with clients, Alex is profoundly dedicated to helping others speak their truth, release shame, and find oneness.



    Registration is now open for the 2024 Enneagram Bootcamp:

    The Enneagram: Stress, Loss, and Relationships with LTM and the Enneagram Godmother.

    When: Thursday, August 1 - Saturday, August 3

    Where: The Grove, Dallas, TX or join online from wherever you are

    visit for all of the important information and to sign up. And don't forget about the pre-conference Yoga workshop with Yenneagram Master, Courtney Perry!


    "A pastor walks out of the church and into the woods, in pursuit of the God he's lost."

    Sounds like a great story, right?!

    Join LTM and author and theologian Tony Jones on Friday, April 26th at The Micah Center or join online for a live podcast recording as Tony, Joe, and Suzanne discuss his newest book, The God of Wild Places.

    As an additional bonus, musician Ronnie Fauss will be sharing the stage as well!

    visit to sign up!



    • "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3
    • Big Mouth (S4, E1: The New Me)
    • The Break-Up (2006, Universal Pictures)


    7 March 2024, 8:46 pm
  • 1 hour 22 minutes
    Darnell Young (1) - Enneagram Cohort, Critic Talk, Context

    This is the first episode of an anticipated 10 Episode series over the next year, that we're really excited for! You have most likely heard about the LTM Cohort program on the podcast, and what better way to talk about it then to follow along with 3 Cohort members?

    On today's show, meet Enneagram One Darnell Young.

    She has always been interested in the behavior of others and the motivation behind people's behavior. In being introduced to the Enneagram, Darnell felt the tool put a name, or number, to how she viewed people. She loves to share information with others to bring them to awareness of themselves and others around them.

    In the next couple of episodes listeners will also meet Matt and Alex from the 2024 Enneagram Cohort.

    If you're interested in applying for the LTM Cohort program, there is still time to apply for the 2024 Leading Change Cohort, and the dates, expectations, and application for the 2025 program will open up in the Spring!

    Want to dip your toes before diving into a Cohort? CLICK HERE to sign up for one of LTM's Enneagram small groups starting in March.

    The Enneagram Journey podcast is produced by Life in the Trinity Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit ministry, and your donations help us to keep workshops and resources affordable as well as fund scholarships for the Cohort program, teaching events, and maintenance and upkeep of The Micah Center. You can contribute at and the enneagram



    • Jerry Maguire (TriStar Pictures, 1996)
    • The Princess Bride (20th Century Studios, 1987)
    • South Park (S4, E8)
    • You People (Netflix, 2023)

    Blessings on your journey!

    6 February 2024, 9:28 pm
  • 1 hour 35 minutes
    "The Monday Group" - Small Groups, Spiritual Formation, and Barbie

    Meet some of the members of LTM's first online Enneagram Journey Curriculum group!

    Suzanne and Joel talk with Chelsea (8), Jennifer (4), Maria (2), Marty (2), Hillary (2), Matt (6), and Ronna (8) in today's episode about how they found each other and what the Journey has been like so far.

    Then the conversation evolved into a discussion about where we find our shadow side and false self in enneagram work, the greatness of the Barbie movie, spiral dynamics, and the importance of intergenerational learning.

    If you don't have a group yet, find one! Create one! Join one! You've heard it over and over again, one of the mottos of LTM and The Micah Center is, "A place for solitary work that cannot be done alone."


    LTM will be starting a few new small groups in 2024, and the information for the 2025 Cohort program will be available soon!

    Be sure to visit to see what is new and upcoming at LTM



    • Barbie (2023)
    • South Park (S7, E12)
    • Bar Rescue (2011, Paramount Network)



    29 January 2024, 7:42 pm
  • 1 hour 8 seconds
    Josh Graves (3) - The Simple Secret

    "Marriage has taught me that two people can experience reality in two very different ways." - Josh Graves


    Welcome Josh Graves, preaching and teaching minister at Otter Creek Church in Nashville, TN and author of The Simple Secret: Choosing Love in a Culture of Hostility, and an Enneagram 3.

    A little subtype talk, a little family systems talk, relationships (of course), and do you know if you're playing the game?


    This is a GOOOOOOD, good book! You can get your copy here on Amazon.



    Clear your calendar! August 1st through August 3rd, the 2024 Enneagram Bootcamp with Suzanne in Dallas and online. There is no experience that can replace being in Dallas in person for the event, but a second option is joining online if you can't be there in person. Suzanne and LTM are working on the material right now, and as soon as the weekend's teaching is set, we will let you know. For now just go ahead and make those travel plans for Thursday, August 1 through Saturday, August 3rd!

    We wouldn’t be able to have bootcamp, workshops, cohorts, etc., without you! LTM is a 501c3 non-profit ministry, and your donations help us to keep workshops and resources affordable as well as fund scholarships for the Cohort program, teaching events, and maintenance and upkeep of The Micah Center. Visit to support the podcast and Life in the Trinity Ministry



    • "All You Need is Love", The Beatles (1967)
    • How I Met Your Mother (S3: E18)
    • FRIENDS (S5: E14)
    19 January 2024, 7:22 pm
  • 1 hour 22 minutes
    Jeff Crosby (9) - Spiritual Practice of Reading, Forgiveness, Language of the Soul

    If you're a fan of The Enneagram Journey then there is a good chance you're a fan of books. Today's episode is filled with good book talk because Suzanne's dear friend Jeff Crosby is on the show.

    Jeff, Enneagram Nine and author of The Language of The Soul, shares his experience as a 9, what forgiveness means to him, and much more.

    Find out more about Jeff at and click here to get your copy of The Language of The Soul.


    The Enneagram Journey podcast is produced by Life in the Trinity Ministry, a 501c(3) non-profit ministry. The podcast, workshops, Cohorts, and other enneagram and spiritual formation resources are made possible with your support and financial contributions. Click here to donate at or visit

    Thank you for your continued support of the podcast and LTM!



    • Shadowlands (1993, Richard Attenborough)
    • We're The Millers (2013, New Line Cinema)
    • The Office deleted scenes with Michael Scott
    • Bruce Cockburn, "Orders" live on eTown


    29 December 2023, 6:48 pm
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