Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson


Sibling Revelry explores the sibling bond, family dynamics, the human mind, and so much more. Kate and Oliver dive deep into the things that interest them and talk to other siblings in a free-formed, wide open, relaxed conversation to not only have some laughs, but to maybe inspire some people along the way with universal tales of what it’s like to grow up with brothers and sisters.

  • 35 minutes 53 seconds
    Call Him Daddy

    In a special Father's Day episode of Sibling Revelry, Oliver is joined by his own kids who have lots to say about their dear dad!
    Plus, a shout out to his two dads, his father-in-law, and all the father figures out there!  Happy Father's Day!

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    16 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 1 hour 38 seconds
    Revel In It: Mindful Manifesting with Dr. Doty

    Oliver is joined by Neuroscientist, Dr. James Doty. 
    The renowned researcher, best-selling author, and master meditator spotlights the practice of manifestation.
    Have we been doing it wrong all along? 

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    13 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 59 minutes 13 seconds
    The Buck is Back

    Oliver is joined by his friend and producing partner, Legendary Sportscaster Joe Buck.
    They offer up a hilarious play-by-play when it comes to their brotherly bond, their views on life, and even their 'Daddy Issues.'
    And which one of these guys admits to using botox?

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    10 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 50 minutes 26 seconds
    Revel In It: ADHD Awareness with Kim and Penn Holderness

    Kim and Penn Holderness are a comedic couple who have racked up billions of views with their viral family sketches.

    While they continue creating content for their millions of followers, they are also calling attention to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

    While ADHD is often treated with medication, the Holderness family wants to shine a light on the many positives for people with ADHD, like creativity and problem-solving skills.

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    6 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 1 hour 3 minutes
    Melody and Family with Meghan & Ryan Trainor

    A talented singer from a quaint New England town took her love for music mainstream and never looked back.
    Now in her 30's, pop star Meghan Trainor still makes music and has her BFF slash Bro 'Ryan' by her side. 
    Could their relationship inspire Kate and Oliver to hit the road together?

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    3 June 2024, 4:00 am
  • 48 minutes 47 seconds
    Revel In It: Oliver's Love Language

    In this episode he is joined by Intimacy Expert Dr. Viviana Coles who offers some SHOCKING truths about sex and relationships. 
    Can pillow talk actually save your marriage? Which love language appeals to you?
    Plus, a foreplay confession from Oliver and what he considers 'chore porn!'  

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    30 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 37 minutes 57 seconds
    Kate and Oliver Answer YOUR Questions

    Kate and Oliver open up about their fights, their vulnerabilities, and even therapy sessions that didn't help when they were butting heads.

    Plus, they talk about the one thing that is taking over their personal lives and what they want to do about it!

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    27 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 31 minutes 25 seconds
    Little Ditty 'bout Teddi and Oliver (Part Two)

    The conversation between Oliver and Teddi Mellencamp continues with even more rock and roll revelations!

    Did her dad REALLY bed one of her besties? 

    Plus, Oliver and Teddi tell some truths about their struggles with anxiety and overall mental health. 


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    23 May 2024, 4:22 am
  • 37 minutes 46 seconds
    Little ditty 'bout Teddi and Oliver (Part 1)

    Teddi talks about life with her rock star dad John Mellencamp and SO MUCH MORE that we had to split this episode in two!

    From divorced parents, to partying to panicking...was her upbringing as rock and roll as you might think?

    Plus, Teddi makes a shocking confession to Oliver!

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    20 May 2024, 4:41 am
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
    Revel In It: Grieving, Feeling, and Believing with Kelly Rizzo

    Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo talks to Oliver about love, loss, and looking ahead with a heart full of hope.
    Kelly gets candid about the night Bob passed, how she found out, and why she had a bad feeling.
    Plus, she tells Oliver what Bob would think about her new boyfriend!

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    16 May 2024, 4:00 am
  • 33 minutes 10 seconds
    Century Old Siblings

    Both over 100 years old, sisters Minnie Howard and Dolly DeStefano haven't only seen it all, they've lived it all!

    Oliver dives into their fascinating upbringing and what it was like to be kids in the 1930's.
    How they both survived an accidental shooting, how many great great great grandkids they have, and how they have remained healthywell into their 100's. 
    If this isn't #LifeGoals, we don't know what is!

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    13 May 2024, 4:00 am
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