这档节目-目的是跨文化。 国际化的形式下,我们特别想帮助大家实现双文化视野。带你了解中西方文化差异。

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    巴菲特修改遗嘱 | 聊聊基金会的那些事儿…历史上最早的基金会在北宋!

     主播:Wendi(中国)+ Selah(美国)

     歌曲 :Money, Money, Money

    今天,我们聊聊“股神”巴菲特(Warren Buffett)修改遗嘱这件事。


    Warren Buffett is a legendary value investor(是一个充满传奇色彩的价值投资者).

    He is best known for(因……被熟知) being a very successful investor(成功的投资者) and the head of Berkshire Hathaway(伯克希尔哈撒韦公司的负责人), a big company with many businesses.

    *legendary /ˈledʒənderi/ adj. 传奇的


    他通过buying and holding undervalued companies(收购和持有价值被低估的公司)赚了很多钱。为人们所熟知的是,he gives away a large part of his fortune to charity(他把他的大部分财产捐给了慈善机构),而且he lives a simple, modest life despite his wealth(尽管他很富有,但他却过着简单、低调的生活)。

    *undervalued /ˌʌndərˈvæljʊ/ adj. 售价过低的

    01 Buffett’s latest will 巴菲特最新遗嘱

    巴菲特之前说要把遗产捐赠给the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation(比尔盖茨和他妻子Melinda的基金会),但是前不久,Buffett just changed how his considerable fortune will be spent following his death(他改变了死后巨额财富的使用方式)。

    *considerable /kənˈsɪdərəb(ə)l/ adj. 相当大


    93岁的巴菲特说,he has again re-worked his will(他又一次重新调整了他的遗嘱) — and that he does not plan to continue donations to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation after he dies. He will put his wealth in a new charitable trust overseen by his three children(他将把自己的财富存入一个由他的三个孩子监管的新的慈善信托基金中).

    *trust n. 信托基金机构

    *oversee v. 监管


    He has changed his will several times(他已经改变了好几次遗嘱了),and he put together the newest plan(他制定了最新的计划)due to the trust he has in his children’s values(因为他信任孩子们的价值观)and how they will distribute his wealth(也信任孩子会如何分配他的财富).

    *distribute /dɪˈstrɪbju:t/ v. 分发

    在巴菲特的遗嘱修改之前,the largest portion of his fortune was designated for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(他最大一笔遗产是要给比尔·盖茨和他的妻子的这个基金会的)。

    02 巴菲特和盖茨基金会之间啥联系?

    The Buffett and Gates families have been friends for over 3 decades(30多年). As some of the wealthiest people in the world (同为世界富豪), they have pooled their resources together to make much change and good happen in the world(他们一起用自己的资源改变世界,让世界变得更好).

    *pool v. 集中资源


    虽然都是世界富豪,比尔盖茨稍微更有钱一点,位居世界第四(Bill Gates is the 4th richest person in the world),巴菲特是第六(Buffett is the 6th)。

    Buffett was on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for many years(巴菲特曾在比尔和梅林达·盖茨基金会的董事会任职多年), and is said to have contributed $43 billion dollars to them over the last 20 years(在20年里向Bill and Melinda Gates基金会捐赠了430亿美元).


    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation在很多领域都做出了卓越的贡献,比如说eradicating polio(帮助消除小儿麻痹症) 、reducing malaria(消除疟疾)以及帮助发展中国家发展,比如improving education through investments in K-12(通过投资改善从幼儿园到12年级的孩子教育),alleviating poverty by supporting agricultural development(通过支持农业发展来减轻贫困),improving sanitation (改善卫生设施)。

    *eradicate /ɪˈrædɪkeɪt/ v. 消灭

    *alleviate /əˈli:vieɪt/ v. 减轻

    *sanitation /ˌsænɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ n. 卫生系统或设备


    03 基金会都有哪些种类?

    There are many different types, for example, Private Foundations(私人基金会), like the Gates Foundation, Corporate Foundations (Established by a corporation)(由公司创立的企业基金会).

    大多数的私人基金会都是由wealthy people来创立,这样的话,他们可以reduce the inheritance taxes(少交一些遗产税)。而且,it allows the donors to decide how their money is used for charitable purposes(它允许捐赠者决定他们的钱如何用于慈善目的)。

    *inheritance /ɪnˈherɪtəns/ n. 遗产


    还有一种基金会是Family Foundations(家族基金会),这种基金会通常目标是passing down philanthropic values across generations(将慈善价值观代代相传)。

    *philanthropic /ˌfɪlənˈθrɑ:pɪk/ adj. 博爱的

    04 历史上最早的家族基金会在北宋

    据说历史上最早的家族基金会是在北宋由范仲淹创立的,叫“范氏义庄”。In 1050, Fan Zhongyan, who was then 60 years old and was serving as the governor of Hangzhou(在杭州做官), donated his life savings(捐赠了他的终身储蓄), purchased more than 1,000 acres of fertile land in Suzhou(在苏州买了1000多亩田), and founded the charity organization "Fan's Charity House"(“范氏义庄”), which supported three parts: land, housing, and education(“义田”“义宅”“义学”).

    *purchase /ˈpɜ:rtʃəs/ v. 购买


    1000年后,a similar design appeared in the United States, like these family foundations(家族基金会),大家比较熟悉的可能有Carnegie Foundation(卡耐基基金会),Rockefeller Foundation(洛克菲勒基金会),这些基金会目的都是to pass on their wealth(传承财富), with the aim of allowing their families to have a secure and comfortable life(保障家族后代的生活)。比较典型的洛克菲勒家族基金会has been passed down for 7 generation(已经传承了7代了)。


    范氏宗族规定任何族人都不能卖族田。Similar to the Fan’s House, it is stipulated that the descendants of these wealthy people cannot sell the property of the family foundation. 欧美富豪的后代不能卖掉家族基金会的财产。

    *stipulate /ˈstɪpjuleɪt/ v. (尤指在协议或建议中)规定

    *descendant /dɪˈsendənt/ n. 后代


    But a slight difference of the Fan’s House is that it not only took care of its own descendants(自己的后人) but also the whole clan(全族之人), including the distant relatives(远亲). 范仲淹的宗族制度不仅照顾自己的后人,还有全族之人,这一差异可能是由于中西方不同的家庭观和宗族观造成的。

    *clan n. 家族


    05 国外网友怎么评价巴菲特更改遗嘱?

    Truthfully, most normal people do not have much to say. 网友并没有什么反应。

    由于the Gates divorce(盖茨的离婚),there has been family drama in the Gates family the past few years(盖茨家庭发生了家庭闹剧)。导致巴菲特改编遗嘱的原因之一可能是Melinda Gates recently announced that she is leaving the foundation herself(梅林达·盖茨最近宣布她将自己离开该基金会)。巴菲特可能does not trust the future of the company as much(不那么相信公司的未来)。


    14 July 2024, 12:54 pm
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     主播:Wendi(中国)+ Selah(美国)

     歌曲 :I Will Survive


    暑假期间又到了旅游旺季。People all around the world (世界各地的人) are traveling (都在旅行).

    Young people, both in school and those that are out of school, do a lot of traveling too (上学的和不上学的年轻人也会旅行). It is easier for them because they have more time and fewer responsibilities (因为他们的时间更多、责任更少).

    Especially young kids. Summer and winter breaks (寒暑假) are probably the best time to go travelling (旅游的最好时间).

    Selah刚刚结束了她三周的假期。She went to France, Egypt and Kenya (法国、埃及和肯尼亚). It was so much fun! 她看到了很多的风景(sights),体验了许多different cultures(不同的文化)。

    Wendi plans to visit some cities in southern China (计划去中国南方的一些城市旅游) with her family. 因为他们住在北方,所以views and cultures in the south (南方的观点和文化) 对他们来说非常different and interesting(不同且有趣)。

    01 The Difference between Chinese and Western Young People Making Travel Plans



    In China, there are many apps for booking tickets and hotels (有很多关于预订门票和酒店的应用程序), like去哪网,携程,and 智行。Wendi will always compare the prices on these apps (比较一下这些应用程序里的价格) and try to look for the cheapest offer (试着找最便宜的报价).

    For flights, Selah uses websites like Kayak (客涯) or Hopper to compare flight prices (比较航班价格) across a lot of platforms (在很多平台). Because prices on different platforms can be really different (因为在不同的平台上的价格可能会差别很大).


    For accommodations (住宿), it depends on (取决于) what type of place we want to stay (我们想住什么类型的地方) and how long we are staying for (以及我们要待多久).

    Selah’s first choice is usually Airbnb (爱彼迎), because it is cheaper, convenient, and has more space. 他们也带有厨房。So we can cook our own meals (自己做饭) and save money by buying groceries (买食品杂货可以省钱).


    Airbnb is actually someone has their own house or apartment, they turn it kind of into a hotel (他们把它变成了一家旅馆) so someone can pay and stay in that apartment or house for however long your vacation is (有人可以度假时付钱住在你的公寓或房子里). And they give you a password (给你一个密码) and you are able to stay. 非常方便。

    If Selah is booking a hotel, she will typically start with the area she wants to stay in (从她想住的地方开始), and then go onto Booking.com (缤客) or just do a general google search (谷歌搜索) to find a hotel with good reviews (找到一个有好评的酒店).


    选择你想待的地方很重要。You need to consider the distance it has to all the tourist spots you want to visit (考虑和你想去的所有旅游景点的距离), and make sure it has good transport links (确保它有良好的交通连接).

    Selah选择旅馆的时候, 她想选择一个包括免费早餐的(she wants one that has a free breakfast included).

    Sometimes Wendi would like to go to a nearby market (去附近的市场) and enjoy some local breakfast (享受当地的早餐)。这是一种体验那里的文化的好方法。

    02 Who Would You Like to Travel with?



    Selah’s advice for young people traveling (给年轻人的旅行建议) is, firstly, to do it with a friend (和你的朋友去旅行) or someone you want to share that memory with (或者和你想与之分享这段回忆的人).

    It’s nice to have friends around, but it’s not always easy. There’s a saying that (有句话说) travelling is the best way to test your relationship (旅行是测试关系的最好方式) with your friends or your loved ones (与你的朋友或者你爱的人).

    There are many people that enjoy solo-traveling (享受独自旅行), which has its own perks (有自己的好处). Because they can go anywhere and do anything completely based on their own will (完全根据他们自己的意愿).

    Some more advice she would have is to plan ahead (提前计划). 如果你在最后一刻做出选择(make choices at last minute), prices are often very high and it gets expensive.


    In addition, if you can, avoid eating out (避免外出就餐), or eat out only once (只出去吃一次) during your trip. Buying cheap meals, cooking yourself and buying groceries (买便宜的饭菜,自己做饭和买食品杂货) mean you can experience other things more (体验到更多的其他东西). 

    Another advice is to prioritize what you want ahead of time (提前优先考虑你想要的东西), make a budget(做预算).给自己一个机会来体验当地的美食(local cuisines)、风景(sights)和文化(culture)。Let yourself explore!

    *prioritize /praɪˈɔ:rətaɪz/ v. 优先考虑(处理)

    03 "Military-style"  travelling



    A term called "Military-style" travelling (特种兵式旅游) went viral online last year. It is a traveling style (旅行风格) of some Chinese college students, or young people (大学生或者年轻人), who spend as little money as possible to travel to as many places as they can (花尽可能少的钱去尽可能多的地方旅行) during the weekend, or a short holiday.

    They rarely take any break (很少休息), as if they were on a military training (好像他们在接受军事训练).

    To do this, they usually take a late-night train (通常乘坐深夜的火车), because it’s cheaper, sleep on the train (睡在火车上), and arrive at their destination the next morning (第二天早上到达目的地).


    Then they will explore that city real quick (快速探索这座城市), and probably go to another nearby city if they have time (可能去附近的另一个城市).

    If they want to spend another day in that city, to save money, some people choose to stay in a 24-hour restaurant (选择住在一家24小时营业的餐厅里), like the McDonald’s (比如麦当劳).

    So, the schedule is really tight (时间表真的很紧), but they can really explore many places with minimum cost (以最低的成本探索许多地方).

    *minimum adj. 最小的,最低限度的

    Some people think this way of traveling is just wandering around (这种旅行方式就是四处闲逛), like they can’t really learn something deep about that city (不能真正了解那个城市的东西). 但旅行只是为了好玩。人们可以有不同的目的(People can have different purposes)。

    *purpose n. 目的,意图

    12 July 2024, 2:09 pm
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     主播:Flora(中国)+ Erin(美国)

     歌曲 :Miles on it

    今天我们来聊一个比较实在的话题——怎么获得快乐呢?因为在当下时代,获得快乐的能力真的很重要。Especially in this fast-paced era (快节奏时代), happiness seems to have become something unattainable (快乐似乎遥不可及). 对一些人来说,快乐已经成为一种luxury(奢侈品)了。


    01 The Different Levels of Happiness 


    有人把幸福分为三个层次:感官快乐(sensory happiness)、情绪快乐(emotional happiness)和精神快乐(spiritual happiness)。

    (1)感官快乐(sensory happiness)

    Sensory happiness, comes from physical pleasures (身体上的快乐) and material gains (和物质上的获得). It's the joy you feel when you eat your favorite food (吃你最喜欢的食物), buy a new gadget (买一个小物件), or enjoy a beautiful sunset (看一场漂亮的日落).



    (2)情绪快乐(emotional happiness)

    相比之下,情绪上的快乐(emotional happiness)要更加地深刻和持久(deeper and longer-lasting)。它来自关系以及个人的成就(relationships and personal achievements)。

    比如,和你所爱的人共度美好时光(spending quality time),在工作中庆祝晋升(promotion),或者享受一个令人满意的爱好(a fulfilling hobby)。这种程度的幸福通常涉及到一种连接感和归属感(a sense of connection and belonging)。

    *quality time 美好时光:花费时间全神贯注地陪伴亲近的人,例如自己的孩子。


    All of these are more difficult to access than sensual happiness (比感官上的快乐更难获取一些). So it is progressively harder to acquire from sensual pleasure to spiritual pleasure (从感官快乐到精神快乐是越来越难获取的).

    *progressively /prəˈɡresɪvli/ adv. 渐进地

    *pleasure /ˈpleʒər/ n. 快乐;满足

    (3)精神快乐(spiritual happiness)

    精神上的快乐是来自inner peace(内心的平和)还有 self-fulfillment(自我满足)。通常是通过mindfulness(正念),a sense of purpose(一种使命感),还有a connection to something greater than oneself(与比自己更伟大的事情产生连接),比如说大自然。

    02 Why We Are Prone to Unhappiness?


    Few people can access spiritual happiness these days (很少有人能获得精神上的快乐), and some never even experience it (有些人甚至都没体验过).

    *access /ˈækses/ v. 接近;进入

    In today’s digital age (数字时代), finding true happiness can be challenging (找到真正的快乐是有挑战的). Modern life, influenced by social media and consumerism (被社交媒体和消费主义所影响), often emphasizes material wealth and status (通常强调物质财富和地位).

    *material /məˈtɪriəl/ adj. 物质的;非精神上的

    现在的短视频平台无疑会amplify(放大)这种comparison(对比)还有 envy(羡慕嫉妒)的心态。


    心理学上有个词叫“相对剥夺感”(Relative Deprivation),这感觉就像是我们觉得我们有权享有,但并不拥有。

    *deprivation /ˌdeprəˈveɪʃən/ n. 匮乏;剥夺

    比如一个人 swipes on a video (刷短视频) 然后看到a rich man who sits in a mansion and a luxury car (一个坐拥豪宅和豪车的富豪),会觉得he should have all of that too, but he actually doesn't (自己也该拥有,实际上并没有)。

    *swipe /swaɪp/ v. 滑动

    *mansion /ˈmænʃ(ə)n/ n. 宅邸


    That's why we've been emphasizing the need to control the amount of time spent watching short videos (这就是为何我们一直强调控制看短视频的时间).The more we watch them, the less attention we may pay to our own lives (看别人的视频越多,对自己生活的关注就越少).

    这也许就是我们说的“乱花渐欲迷人眼”,沉醉于这种几乎零成本的感官快乐(sensory happiness)当中自然会上瘾。但关键是,人总会对“这种快感”脱敏,一旦脱敏之后就只能通过更大的刺激让大脑保持愉悦。


    这就是为什么人们把短视频叫做the "spiritual opium" of the times (时代的“精神鸦片”)。The algorithms of short video plat forms (短视频平台的算法) can calculate what you want to watch very precisely (能精准地算出你想看什么).

    人很容易get addicted to this bad loop (沉迷于这个不好的循环),所以这种情况下我们一定要保持警惕,不要让自己陷入“信息茧房”中。

    loop n.(程序中)一套重复的指令

    *get addicted to 对……上瘾


    True happiness is simple (真正的快乐是简单的). 它可以来自self-satisfaction (自我满足)、家庭、人际关系和自然。我们需要意识到,the joy from materialism is temporary (来自物质主义的快乐是短暂的)。

    There's always someone better, richer, or more accomplished (总有人更优秀、更富有或者更有才华), which makes this pursuit endless and exhausting (这种追赶是无穷无尽的). 最终只会让自己落入绝望的深渊。

    所以真正的问题是,我们如何break free from these desires (摆脱这种欲望的控制) 并且找到lasting happiness (持久的快乐)?


    03 How to Achieve True Happiness?


    Harvard University suggested some habits that can help us achieve true joy.


    (1)Be grateful (心存感激)

    Practicing gratitude(练习感恩)shifts our focus from what we lack to what we have (把我们的注意力从我们缺乏的东西转移到我们拥有的东西上), fostering contentment (培养满足感).

    *contentment n. 满足;满意

    The truth is that what you take for granted may be something that others will never reach in their lifetime (你认为理所当然的,可能是别人在有生之年永远不会触及的东西). 比如世上还有些地方战火纷飞,人们的性命都岌岌可危……

    *take…for granted 把……视为理所当然


    Some people keep a gratitude journal (有些人写感恩日记), and it is amazing how much it helps them appreciate the little things in life (帮助他们感激生活中的小事).

    (2) Choose friends wisely (谨慎择友)

    Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who uplift you (与积极向上的、支持你、让你振作起来的人为伍).

    *uplift v. 鼓舞

    Always distance yourself from (一定要远离) people who bring you down (让你沮丧的人), or negatively impact your habits and goals (对你的习惯或目标产生负面影响的人). 

    *distance v. 远离

    (3)Live in the present (活在当下)

    Focusing on the here and now (关注当下和现在) helps reduce anxiety about the past and future (会减少对过去和未来的焦虑).、

    (4)Don’t forget the importance of forgiveness (谨记宽恕)

    Letting go of grudges (放下怨恨) frees us from negative emotions that hinder our happiness (让我们从阻碍我们快乐的负面情绪中解放出来).

    *hinder v. 阻碍,妨碍


    In fact, sometimes it's really hard to forgive someone (有时很难原谅一个人), especially when they've done something that's unacceptable to you (尤其是当他们做了一些你无法接受的事情) and there's no way you can ignore the pain it causes (无法忽视它所带来的痛苦).

    So forgive, but don’t forget (宽恕,但不要遗忘). Let go of being angry at them (不对他们愤怒), but don’t forget what they have done (但也不要忘记他们的所作所为). 其实,这个时候选择宽恕并不是赦免对方的罪恶,实际上是放自己一条生路——一条免于被仇恨侵蚀的生路。


    这绝对不是historical nihilism (历史虚无主义),我们不能忘记过去。That's true of individuals (个人如此), and of nations (国家亦是如此).

    04 中国传统文化中获取快乐的方式

    In Chinese culture, wisdom is offered on finding joy (中华文化蕴含着寻找快乐的智慧).




    Confucius’ disciple Yan Hui found happiness in simplicity and contentment (颜回在简单和满足中找到快乐), despite his modest living conditions (尽管他的生活条件简朴).

    *modest adj. 朴素的

    老子在《道德经》中强调了与自然和谐相处的简单快乐。These teachings (教诲) show that true happiness doesn't rely on external conditions (真正的幸福并不依赖于外部条件) but comes from inner development (而是来自于内在的发展), wisdom, and spiritual growth (智慧和精神的成长).


    05 西方文化中的快乐是什么样的呢?

    西方文化中的快乐,与爱(love)、助人(helping others)以及分享(sharing)有关。

    These values can also be instilled through family and societal norms (这些价值观可以通过家庭和社会规范来灌输). For example, in a family where acts of kindness are a daily practice (日常实践中有善举的家庭), it can deeply influence a sense of happiness (会深刻地影响幸福感).

    *instill v. 逐渐灌输


    In both Eastern and Western traditions (在东、西方传统里), the essence of happiness (幸福的本质) lies in connecting with others (与他人产生联系), being grateful (心存感激), and finding peace within ourselves (在自己内心找到和平).

    *lie in 在于



    7 July 2024, 2:24 pm
  • 9 minutes 20 seconds

    主播:Wendi(中国)+ Selah(美国)

    歌曲 :Helpless

    现在,全球各地都正approaching some of the hottest times of the year(即将进入全年中最热的时候),所以让我们来聊聊,有哪些避暑(escape the heat)的妙方呢?


    主播Selah位于Phoenix, Arizona(凤凰城,亚利桑那州),这是one of the hottest cities on the planet(地球上最热的城市之一)。在夏季的时候,it gets to 115-120 F, 也就是45-48 degrees Celsius(摄氏度),can’t even imagine(简直无法想象)!

    approach /əˈproʊtʃ/ v. 接近;临近


    01 世界各地的人们都有哪些避暑方式?

    一些避暑的common ways(常见的方式)有吃点东西来让自己cool down(凉快凉快),或者going somewhere(去某个地方)。


    在墨西哥和中国,人们会have mid-day naps(睡个午觉)。在墨西哥,午觉又被称为siestas。在中国,farmers in the past(古代的农民)一直有这个habit(习惯),人们可以很好地rest during the day(在白天休息),并且recharge for the afternoon(为下午充电)。

    · recharge /ˌriːˈtʃɑːrdʒ / v. 充电


    在欧洲南部,很多地方没有Air Conditioning(空调系统),所以取而代之的是adaptations on the living environment(对于居住空间的改造):比如用thick walls(厚墙),小窗户以及courtyards(庭院)来让家里保持凉爽。在public spaces(公共空间),他们有plazas with fountains(喷泉广场)以及shaded areas(阴凉地儿)。

    · air conditioning 空调系统

    · adaptation /ˌædæpˈteɪʃ(ə)n / n. 改变;适应

    · plaza /ˈplɑːzə / n. 广场

    · fountain /ˈfaʊnt(ə)n / n. 喷泉


    当Selah在肯尼亚和乌干达游玩时,她发现人们gathered under large shaded trees(聚在“大树底下好乘凉”),这样既可以stay cool(保持凉爽)又可以socialize(社交一下)。

    大家都喜闻乐见的避暑方式还有来点cold treats(冰镇美食),比如ice cream(冰淇淋)、smoothies(冰沙)、juices(各类果汁),还有anything that can cool your body down(任何能让你降温的东西)。


    在中国,还有herbal teas(凉茶)也可以用来drive away the heat inside of our body(去去我们体内的火气)。

    · herbal /ˈɜːrb(ə)l / adj. 药草的

    · drive away 把……赶走


    很多人还会去swimming pools(游泳池)、lake(湖)或者是beach(海滩)来避暑。在美国TV series(电视连续剧)里,公共泳池就是个常见的setting(场景)。

    户外玩水对于孩子们来说是especially good(超赞),毕竟不上学的时候如果待在indoors(室内),娃们总是容易get a little antsy(变得有点坐立不安)。

    · antsy /ˈæntsi / adj. 坐立不安的


    在凤凰城,nearly(几乎)每家都会有一个backyard pool(后院泳池)。

    It’s the only way to survive out here! (这是待在外面的唯一“活路”!)

    由于heat level(热度)可以达到危险的地步,他们还建立了Cooling Centers(降温中心),这样任何人都可以去乘凉。这对于those people who are experiencing homelessness(那些无家可归的人们)来说尤其重要。


    02 那中国古人是如何避暑的呢?

    对于ancient Chinese people (中国古人)来说,在大约700年前的Song Dynasty(宋朝),people started to have cold drinks and sell them on the street(最先开始有街边卖冷饮的先例),在一些poems written during that time(当时写下的诗歌)中也有记载。


    有一种snack叫冰雪,类似现在的shaved ice(刨冰),是冰mixed with(掺了)牛奶和糖,with fruit on top(最上面放水果)。消暑神饮sour plum juice(酸梅汤)也是宋人们的最爱!为了get away from the heat(避暑),古人没事儿还喜欢去temples in the mountains(山里的寺庙)呆着。

    · plum /plʌm/ n. 李子;梅子

    · temple /ˈtemp(ə)l/ n. 寺庙


    主播Wendi有一次在顺德的一处private garden(私人园林)见到了一个rockery with an artificial waterfall coming down(有人工瀑布流下的假山)。导游介绍说,这种景观竟能function as(充当为)古人们的air conditioning system(空调系统)。若你立定于前,when water hits the rocks(当水击于石),there will be a sense of cool breeze(会顿感阵阵凉风袭来)。

    · rockery /ˈrɑːkəri/ n. 假山;假山庭院

    · artificial /ˌɑːrtɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l/ adj. 人造的

    · function as 起……作用;可作为……


    人们也会在夏季change their outfits(换装),比如换上linen(亚麻)和更贵一点的silk(丝绸)这两种常见的fabrics(布料)。



    4 July 2024, 1:02 pm
  • 17 minutes 10 seconds

     主播:Flora(中国)+ Erin(美国)

     歌曲 :Happy



    主播Erin家中有一只巧克力拉布拉多犬(chocolate labrador),这只拉布拉多是她15岁时收到的生日礼物。Her name is Thalia and she is Erin’s favorite person in the whole world. 这只拉布拉多很喜欢swimming and playing fetch(游泳和玩飞盘)。 

    Erin often takes her on hikes (带她去远足) and she will be so happy her tail wags (摇尾巴) the entire time.


    主播Flora虽然没养狗,但是她也很喜欢狗。前一段时间她沿着青岛的海岸线city walk(城市漫步)的时候,还看到好多的人牵着他们的狗狗出来遛弯。They’re so cute!


    1. 不同种类的狗用英语怎么说?

    (1)金毛巡回犬(Golden Retriever)

    Retriever是巡回犬。They are traditionally (先前) used to bring back(带回) birds and animals that their owners(主人) have shot(射击).

    (2)哈士奇(Siberian Husky)



    (3)德国牧羊犬(German Shepherd)

    Shepherd本身也有牧羊人的意思,所以德国牧羊犬就叫German Shepherd。

    (4)柴犬(Shiba Inu)

    Shiba Inu是从日语音译过来的。It is an older Japanese dog.



    They are known for (因......而出名) their little butts (屁股) moving when they walk. 柯基犬还因为四肢很短被人们取外号叫“小短腿”。


    A lot of people in China have poodles. 说贵宾犬可能大家不大熟悉,但是如果说“小泰迪”肯定都不陌生。其实“泰迪”只是贵宾犬的一种造型名称,并不是所有的贵宾犬都叫泰迪。Only poodles that look as cute as a teddy bear (像泰迪熊一样可爱的贵宾犬) when trimmed (修剪) can be called “泰迪”.


    2. 中国的本土狗,你知道多少?

    为我们大家所熟知的本土狗就是中华田园犬(Chinese Rural Dog)。

    In May (在五月), a Chinese Wu Hei Dog (五黑犬) won third place (荣获第三名) in a dog beauty pageant (选美比赛) organized by China Kennel Union (中国光彩事业促进会犬业协会). 这个比赛是由China Kennel Union(简称CKU)举办的,它是世界犬业联盟(简称FCI)在中国地区的唯一正式成员。

    •rural /ˈrʊrəl/ adj. 农村的,乡村的

    •kennel n. 养狗场


    FCI is an international institution (国际机构) of the same nature as (和......有相同性质) international organizations (国际组织) such as the WTO (世界贸易组织) and the WHO (世界卫生组织).

    The CKU now has full authority (权威) over purebred dog management (管理纯种犬) in China, and is under the authority of the FCI (被FCI授权) to breed and manage (培育和管理) the purebred breeds (纯种犬) it recognizes.

    •recognize /ˈrekəɡnaɪz/ v. 承认

    至于刚才我们说的参赛的“五黑犬”,为什么叫这个名字呢,就是这种狗头黑、尾黑、脚黑、舌头也黑。Some say never lose your Wu Hei Dogat night. Because they're so dark that you can't spot (注意到) them at night (因为他们太黑了,一到晚上你就很难发现他们).


    Wu Hei Dog belongs to the Chinese native dog breed (中国本土犬种), the Chinese Rural Dog(中华田园犬).

    Because of the glitz and glamor (浮华和魅力) of exotic breeds (外来犬种) that have been introduced in large numbers (大量引入), the Chinese Rural Dog is now discriminated against (被歧视) and considered not to be a breed (并且被认为不能作为一种犬种).

    或许因为他们不娇贵、好养活,又或许因为人们有一些奇奇怪怪的攀比心理。中华田园犬(the Chinese Rural Dogs)并没有得到人们足够的重视。现在更多的人选择一些名贵的外来犬种来养,而不是这种“小土狗”。


    很多人觉得中华田园犬不气派、牵出去没有面儿。但据说秦始皇一统中原(unified the Central Plains)的时候牵着的就是这种狗。

    •unify v.(使)联合,(使)统一

    此外,史记里面记载秦朝丞相李斯被赵高陷害、处斩之前,他对次子就说:“吾欲与若复牵黄犬俱出,上蔡,东门逐狡兔,岂可得乎!”我原本还想和你再次牵着大黄狗,一起出上蔡东门去追兔子呢,可惜办不到了。He must have missed the time (怀念那段时光) when they had a big yellow dog with them at the time.



    So the Chinese Rural Dog plays an important role (起着重要的作用) in the lives of the people. They're good helpers and companions (好帮手和好伙伴).

    除了中华田园犬,藏獒(Tibetan Mastiff)、松狮(Chow Chow)、西施犬(Shih Tzus)也都是中国本土的狗品种。

    3. 想养狗?别急,这些你先了解一下

    They all have their own little personalities(自己的小性格).

    其实,狗狗也有自己的MBTI的。Labrador Retrievers (拉布拉多犬) are friendly and outgoing (友好外向), much like an ENFJ (主人公) personality type.

    Shiba Inus(柴犬) are independent and reserved (内向独立), similar to an INTJ (建筑师). 真的很难看出来,小柴犬这么一副阳光开朗的外表下竟然装着一个孤独又倔强的灵魂!


    If you are thinking about getting a dog, it would be good to do some research (做一些调查) on their temperament (性情) before. If you have kids for example, it is important to get a patient dog (如果家里有小孩,最好要一只有耐心的狗).



    Large dogs (大型犬) are generally very energetic (都很有活力). They get excited when they go outdoors and love to run wild (当他们去户外时,他们很兴奋,喜欢狂奔).

    Once they run, if you have very little strength (如果你力气很小), you will definitely not be able to pull them (绝对拉不动它们), and sometimes they can even take people away (有时甚至把人带走). That could be dangerous.

    4. 狗在中西方文化中不同的含义

    In traditional Western culture (传统西方文化), dogs are often seen as loyal (忠诚的), diligent (勤奋的), and great companions (很好的伙伴). 比如,"lucky dog"指的是幸运的人(fortunate person),"top dog"指的是成功的人(successful person),而"work like a dog"形容的是工作非常努力的人。


    In Chinese, people often use words with "dog" to describe bad people (坏人) or disdainful things (让人鄙视的事情), such as 狗腿子 (a bootlicker).

    •disdainful /dɪsˈdeɪnfl/ adj. 轻蔑的

    However, there are also positive idioms (积极的成语) like “犬马之劳” (愿意为别人效劳), and “犬不夜吠” (形容社会治安很好).

    From a language point of view (从语言的角度), it is quite interesting how it reflects (反应) the values and views culturally(文化的价值和观点). And this is a topic that can definitely go much deeper relating to the history, traditions, everything is related (这是一个绝对可以更深入地讲到关于历史,传统以及一切相关事物的话题).

    5. 狗对现代人生活的影响

    It feels like a lot of people have dogs and cats now (感觉现在很多人都有了猫狗), even younger people who are less stable (甚至也有不是很稳定的年轻人).

    Flora doesn’t have any pets yet, but she would like to get a Golden Retriever very much (但是她很想养一只金毛). They are warm and intelligent (既暖心又聪明). She feels sure she'll enjoy its company (享受它的陪伴).


    其实现在有很多人养狗也是因为能从他们身上获取到很多情绪价值。Pets can provide psychological benefits (心理上的益处),比如情感支持(emotional support)、减轻压力(reducing stress)和对抗孤独(combating loneliness).

    And they also help facilitate social interactions(促进社交) and build connections (建立联系). You can meet many people by joining clubs (加入俱乐部), walking your dog (遛狗) things like that! It is easy to connect!

    •facilitate /fəˈsɪlɪteɪt/ v. 促进

    两个遛狗的人碰上了估计能聊很久。比如,你家的狗吃的多不多呀、你家的狗拆不拆家呀...... It also helps you find a lot of things to talk about in common (共同的事).


    For young people, you can go on so many adventures (去冒险) with your dog, go running, hiking (徒步旅行), etc.

    And for older people, if they are alone, they feel less lonely (可以不那么孤独). They can get out of the house (走出房子), walk the dog (遛狗), meet people (见一些新朋友). 这对他们的身心健康也有好处。


    6. 生命是平等的,汪星人也想要一个爱它的家

    养狗也是一份很大的责任(it is a lot of responsibility)。在决定养狗之前,一定要确保(make sure)自己有能力照顾它们。现在有很多狗狗被遗弃,让人心痛(it breaks our heart)。



    So before you buy a dog, make sure you really are ready to make that commitment (确保你自己准备好作出承诺). Erin takes this opportunity to raise awareness (借此机会提高人们对保护狗狗的意识) for this because she really loves dogs.

    •commitment n. 承诺

    And it breaks her heart to see abused and abandoned dogs (看到虐狗和弃狗会让她心痛).

    Flora would also like to make it clear (阐明) that although the word "dog" has some derogatory connotations in traditional Chinese culture (虽然“狗”这个词在中国传统文化中带有一些贬义的含义), this does not prevent us from loving and protecting dogs (但这并不妨碍我们爱护和保护狗). 

    •derogatory /dɪˈrɑ:ɡətɔ:ri/ adj. 贬低的



    She said that she is not a dog owner, but maybe she will have a dog (她虽然现在不养狗,但是可能以后会养一只). Even if she doesn’t have one in the future (即使以后她也没有狗狗), she still join Erin today (她仍然和Erin一起) in calling for (提倡) the protection and kindness of dogs (保护和善待狗狗), because she believes that life is equal (生命是平等的). 希望狗狗不再有高低贵贱之分,希望每只狗狗都能找到真正爱它的家。




    30 June 2024, 1:44 pm
  • 9 minutes 47 seconds

    主播:Anne(中国)+ Erin(美国)

    歌曲 :Just Be Me

    今天我们来聊一聊北美的一些social etiquettes(社会礼仪)。


    Social etiquettes are basically rules that you need to follow in order to be seen as a respectful(有礼貌的)person by other people.

    • etiquette /ˈetɪkət/ n. 礼节,规矩


    01  Make an appointment for everything(事事都要预约)


    即使是去看医生也要预约,而且预约是要a few weeks in advance(提前几个周)or even months in advance(甚至提前几个月)。

    在美国有一个反复出现的梗(a running joke),说是等到你终于能见到医生的时候(by the time you get to see a doctor),你已经好得差不多了(you’d be all better)。

    • make an appointment 预约

    • in advance 提前


    其实预约文化可以体现在方方面面。For example, you make an appointment before going to someone’s house(比如,拜访别人家之前也要预约).

    It might be inappropriate to just show up at someone’s door unannounced even just for a few minutes(哪怕只是几分钟,只要是不经通知就出现在别人家的门口,也不合适).

    • inappropriate /ˌɪnəˈproʊpriət/ adj. 不适当的;不恰当的

    • unannounced /ˌʌnəˈnaʊnst/ adj. 突然的;未经宣布的

    02  Hold the door for the people behind you(为身后的人扶门)


    It’s considered as common courtesy(这被认为是习以为常的礼貌). If you don’t do it, it will be seen as rude or impolite(如果你不这样做,就会被认为是粗鲁或不礼貌的).

    • courtesy/ˈkɜːrtəsi/ n. 礼貌

    Erin说到,在加拿大和美国,基本上每个人都养成了为身后的人扶门的习惯(everyone has gotten into the habit of holding the door for the people behind them),尽管有时身后的那个人离得有点远(kind of far away)。所以有人开玩笑说他们必须跑到门口,因为觉得让别人为自己扶门有点awkward(尴尬)。

    如果不为对方扶门就是不礼貌,但如果把门扶太久,就会让对方feel pressured(感到压力),那到底应该什么时候扶门呢?为此,有人还专门写了文章。

    • pressured /ˈpreʃərd/ adj. 有压力的

    在这件事上如此内耗,确实体现出it is important to have good manners(讲礼貌很重要)。

    03  Say bye to the bus driver和公交车司机说再见


    主播Anne说,在加拿大,下公交车前要和司机说声“谢谢”。Many people are doing it, so it’s just weird to get off the bus without saying it. (当很多人都这么做时,我们如果不说“谢谢”就下车可能会显得有点奇怪)。

    一次,Anne偶然听到了两位公交车司机的聊天内容。其中一位说:有百分之五十的乘客(passengers)下车时会说“谢谢”,有百分之五十的不会。It’s a question of respect(这是一个事关尊重的问题). 所以从那以后,她都会 shout out her thanks(大声地表达感谢)。

    • shout out 大声喊出(在公开场合表达感激或认可的一种方式)

    04  Greeting the strangers in the park在公园里和陌生人打招呼


    在散步的时候,如果你对面走来一个陌生人(if a stranger is walking towards you),他通常会跟你打个招呼。In the US, they will make eye contact(眼神交流) with you, and then give you a little nod(向你点下头) and say “hi” to you with a smile.

    Anne表示,it would really make your day(这会让你一天心情都非常好)。但是,并不是随时随地都需要打招呼,问候的时机也是有讲究的。比如走在车水马龙的大街上,一般也不会互相问候。通常来说,问候要在一个安静的地方,比如公园、山上或者附近的街道(neighborhood street)上。这是一种友好的表示(friendly gesture)!


    你最喜欢的social etiquette是哪一条?

    27 June 2024, 1:07 pm
  • 10 minutes 11 seconds

    主播:Flora(中国)+ Erin(美国)



    01 “烟卡”和“臭水”都是什么?

    “烟卡”(Cigarette Packet Card)其实就是用烟盒折成的,上面还印有各种香烟名称的卡片。其实“烟卡”游戏并不是现在才流行起来的,很多家长表示他们小时候也玩过这种游戏。游戏规则比较简单:首先把烟卡放在地上,然后use the empty palm hit the ground(用空掌心击拍地面),只要是the card turned over(烟卡翻面了),那就算是赢了。

    烟卡每翻一次面他们就会赢得一张烟卡,从而获得成就感(a sense of accomplishment)。其实,from a psychological point of view(从心理学角度来看),“拍烟卡”还可能会让孩子产生a gambling mentality(赌博心理)。这就是很多孩子现在are obsessed with "Cigarette Packet Cards"(迷恋上“烟卡”)的原因。

    • accomplishment /əˈkɑ:mplɪʃmənt/ n. 成就

    • gambling /ˈɡæmblɪŋ/ n. 赌博

    • be obsessed with 痴迷于……


    除了“烟卡”,最近还有风靡小孩圈的“液体宠物”(Liquid Pets),叫“臭水”(Stinky Water)。“臭水”就是把各种材料都放在瓶子里,ingredient list(配料表)里面什么都有,it’s a hodgepodge of everything(就是一个大杂烩),比如里面可能会有方便面、牛奶、胶水还有臭豆腐等等,加水后“养着”观察,这就是“养臭水”。It sounds really gross.

    • hodgepodge /ˈhɑ:dʒpɑ:dʒ/ n. 大杂烩


    观察一些物质之间的chemical reactions(化学反应)确实很有趣,但是前提条件是it's not a threat to their health(对他们的健康没有威胁)。一旦“臭水”没有存放好,it is very likely to jeopardize their health(这很可能危及他们的健康)。

    jeopardize /ˈdʒepərdaɪz/ v. 危及

    由于“臭水”会不停地发酵,所以可能产生硫化氢、甲醛等toxic gases(有毒气体),所以一旦“臭水”被泄露,这些有毒气体被吸进respiratory tract(呼吸道),it may lead to poisoning(就可能导致中毒)。

    • respiratory /ˈrespərətɔ:ri/ adj. 呼吸的

    • poisoning /ˈpɔɪzənɪŋ/ n. 中毒


    不光是“臭水”会对孩子的健康产生威胁,the smell of smoke left on cigarette cards(烟卡上残留的烟味)is no less than second-hand smoke(也不亚于二手烟)。This can also be harmful to children's health(有害于孩子的健康)。

    美国的孩子也有一些家长和学校都不鼓励玩但却风靡校园的游戏,有的孩子可能会climb on top of playgrounds(爬到操场/游乐场顶部),it could be dangerous if kids fall off。


    02 这些校园游戏为什么那么火?

    其实孩子们玩的这些游戏也并不是那么地不可理解(are not that incomprehensible)。一些专家分析,类似的这些游戏都有2个的特点:low learning costs(低学习成本)以及easy access(容易获取),这可以meet the needs of children to interact with others(满足儿童与他人互动)以及 pursue a sense of achievement and value(追求成就感价值感)的需求。

    • incomprehensible /ɪnˌkɑ:mprɪˈhensəb(ə)l/ adj. 不可思议的

    有家长反映说,自从玩了这种游戏之后,孩子盯着electronic screen(电子屏幕)的时间就变少了,这从一定程度来说还protects children's eyesight(保护了孩子的视力)。


    03 怎么正确引导,保护孩子免受其害?

    Instead of harshly banning children from playing “cigarette card” games(与其粗暴地禁止孩子玩“烟卡”游戏),我们不如反思一下,不管是家长也好、学校也好,反思一下在教育孩子过程中存在的问题,从而来guide them towards healthy activities that they enjoy and are good at(引导孩子开展自己喜欢且擅长的健康活动),这样也可以enhance their sense of worth(增强他们的价值感)。

    • enhance /ɪnˈhæns/ v. 增强


    学校和家长应该work together to guide children to recognize the negative effects of "cigarette cards"(共同努力来引导孩子认识到“烟卡”的负面影响),帮助孩子choose more appropriate card collecting and card games as an alternative(选择更合适的集卡、玩卡游戏来替代)。

    • alternative /ɔ:lˈtɜ:rnətɪv/ adj. 可替代的,备选的


    现在这种烟卡买卖都形成产业链了("Cigarette cards" are now being traded in a chain),但它是违法的。因为我们国家有明确的legal requirements(法律规定),比如不允许向未成年人(minors)出售烟酒。因为“烟卡”是香烟制品的一部分,那么卖烟卡就属于illegal behavior(违法行为)。如果你见到了这种违法行为,please report it directly to the authorities(可以直接向有关部门举报)to stop this illegal behavior。

    • minor /ˈmaɪnər/ n. 未成年人


    青少年是民族和国家的未来,我们为了保护未成年人,制定了The Law on the Protection of Minors《未成年人保护法》,在法律中明确规定了未成年不能做的事:例如未满十八周岁禁止去bars(酒吧)、Internet cafés(网吧)和dance halls(舞厅)等场所。

    在美国也有类似的法律规定,如you are also not allowed to consume alcohol when you are under 21(未满21周岁不允许喝酒)。


    其实这些法律规定are of vital importance(是至关重要的),它是一个国家national consciousness(国家意识)的体现,represent a correct value(代表了一种正确的价值观),have an irreplaceable guiding effect(具有不可替代的导向作用)。

    The protection of children depends not only on the law, but also on the efforts of parents, schools and the community. 保护未成年人不仅要依靠法律,还需要家长、学校和社会多方的努力。保护归保护,但是有一点必须要明确,protection is not laissez-faire(保护并不等于自由放任)。

    • laissez-faire adj. 自由放任的


    出于关心少年儿童的健康成长,当他们产生危害行为时,我们要坚持教育为主、惩罚为辅的方针,但对未成年人的保护不应该成为“未成年违法犯罪”的挡箭牌(our protection of minors cannot be a shield for them to break the law)。This reinforces(加强)the importance of correctly guiding the thoughts and behavior of minors.




    23 June 2024, 12:36 pm
  • 16 minutes 28 seconds

    主播:Anne(中国)+ 梅莉(法国)

    歌曲:Bana Ellerini Ver


    上个周末,在青岛的小麦岛,举办了一场法国音乐节,我们的主播Anne和梅莉都去了。两位主播回忆起当时的气氛,直呼it was so lit(太燃了)!

    这场音乐节的主题是“Beats and Bites”,beats就是节奏,bites指的就是food。

    There was a stage set up(搭了一个舞台),还有一个food market(美食集市),里面卖some croissants(羊角面包), red wine(红酒), meat and different products。

    • croissant /kwɑ:ˈsɑ:nt/ n.羊角面包

    Anne去的时候a French group was performing on stage,现场的每个人was jumping up and down,当时正好the sun was setting(日落),you have the city lights on one side and the ocean on the other side,一边是海,一边是落日,she was so chillaxed(人会超放松)。

    • chillaxed: chill和relaxed组合在一起的新词,用于形容一种非常轻松、放松的状态。

    其实,小麦岛的这个音乐节是part of a bigger global music festival(一个国际性节日的一部分),这个音乐节就是“世界音乐节”

    01世界音乐节Music Day

    世界音乐节started in France,但是现在it is now celebrated all over the world in nearly 120 countries(有近120个国家都在庆祝)。

    这个音乐节在法语里是Fête de la Musique,意思是music festival,但它也有法语里的双关含义,就是“make some music”,创作音乐。这就是为什么国际音乐节会被叫做Make Music Day!

    It’s held and celebrated every year on June 21.每年的6月21日,也就是在夏至(the summer solstice)这一天庆祝。It’s a great way to kick off the summer.这是开启夏天的一个很好的方式。以音乐来开启盛夏,真的是一个极棒的主意。

    它是由French Minister of Culture(法国文化部长)Jack Lang首次提出(proposed),音乐节的美好期许是“music will be everywhere and concerts nowhere”(音乐将无处不在,音乐会将无处可寻),其实就是去打破这种音乐是教条的、高高在上的固有观念(break the stereotype that music should be high and mighty),去鼓励人们自由地创作音乐(to make music freely in the public space),而非只在音乐会上才能感受音乐,进行演奏。

    所以,在这一天,人们可以在任意的公众场所listen to and play music,比如说

    in the streets, outside cafés(在咖啡馆外), in parks and even in museums, hospitals and other public spaces。你也不必pay for these concerts,the musicians will play for free(音乐家们将免费演奏)。

    每个人都可以enjoy music,showcase their musical talents(展示他们的音乐才华),其实这才是音乐最本真的样子(the purest form of music)。

    • showcase /ˈʃoʊkeɪs/ v.展示

    02怎么地道地形容音乐?Music Vocabulary

    我们之前的节目中介绍过不同的音乐流派(different genres),比如说classical music(古典音乐)、soul or R&B(灵魂音乐)等等,这些不同类型的歌能给人带来不同的音乐体验。


    如果这首歌是slower-paced(节奏慢一点的),你可以说:this song is beautiful!

    如果这首歌很感人,那就可以说:it is very emotional。

    如果说一首快歌(fast-paced)很好听,就可以说:this song is fire!

    如果这首歌“很洗脑”,听起来很上头,你就可以说:this song is so catchy!

    比如说,对于主播梅莉来说,Baby Shark这首歌就很洗脑。Baby Shark is very catchy!而对于Anne来说,《卡路里》is catchy。

    表达“洗脑”,除了说这首歌catchy,你也可以说:it’s stuck in my head(字面意思就是“卡在我脑子里出不来了”)。

    如果要说一首歌很带感,比如凤凰传奇的歌,就可以说:their songs are groovy。Groovy用来形容音乐就是说这首歌has a strong rhythm(节奏很强),而且it really makes you wanna dance(让你不禁想动起来)。

    • groovy /ˈɡru:vi/ adj.吸引人的


    喜欢听什么歌it really depends on your mood(真的取决于你的心情)。

    梅莉比较喜欢older songs,她听的很多歌都是classics(经典音乐)。The group Queen is a must on all of their car rides(皇后乐队的歌是他们开车必放曲目)。比如Bohemian Rhapsody(《波西米亚狂想曲》)以及We Will Rock You(《我们将震撼你》)就是非常经典的曲子。

    梅莉后来也很喜欢the genre Afrobeat,这种类型的歌起源于非洲,it combines African music with jazz (爵士),funk, and soul music(灵魂音乐),这个风格的歌比较欢快。It has a really nice rhythm(节奏真的非常带感).

    Another genre of music Maelle really likes is R&B/Soul (灵魂音乐). 对于这种类型的音乐,梅莉最喜欢的乐队是Thee Sacred Souls,他们的音乐is calm and very nice to listen to。梅莉最喜欢他们的那首Can I Call You Rose,这首歌很平静,it’s quite mesmerizing(有神秘的吸引力),almost like in a dream。

    • mesmerizing /ˈmezməraɪzɪŋ/ adj.有吸引力的

    对于主播Anne来说,she really just listens to whatever she comes across,她也很喜欢老歌,比如说Yesterday Once More。

    当Anne还小的时候,她很喜欢Jay Chou周杰伦。Anne尤其喜欢周杰伦那些有中国风元素的歌(songs with Chinese elements and style),比如说《东风破》和《发如雪》,这些歌能够take her back to the times when people were still listening to music on tape recorders(把她带回那个还在用磁带机听音乐的年代)。

    Music truly is a universal language that brings people together. 音乐是能够把人们聚集在一起的全世界共同语言。有的时候即使听不懂歌词,我们还是能感受到那份美好。在这里,我们也鼓励大家平时不光是听歌,也可以多去用自己的方式make some music。其实,making music并不难,you can make music in so many ways,比如说go to karaoke(去卡拉OK),play an instrument(演奏乐器),或者只是sing in the shower(冲澡的时候哼唱)。

    聊起making music,主播Anne聊起了自己的经历,她打小就学习乐器,小时候学习过小提琴,但自打她took the musical exam(考级)之后,再也没碰过琴。很多学过乐器的人估计和Anne是一样的,已经很久没有碰过乐器了。

    但没关系的!It’s something that probably if you start playing again, it’ll come back naturally though.如果你重新开始演奏,那种感觉会自然地回来的。

    无论你是不是擅长演奏音乐,just do it and enjoy yourself!

    21 June 2024, 6:40 am
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    父亲节特辑 | 中美主播谈自己的父亲,这“反差感”

    主播:Flora(中国)+ Erin(美国)

    歌曲 :Kingdom

    今天我们来聊聊这个特殊的日子——Father’s Day(父亲节)。

    Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!

    01  The Origin of Father’s Day父亲节的起源

    父亲节originated in(起源于)美国,began in the early 20th century(开始于二十世纪早期),是因为Sonora Smart Dodd想要honor(纪念)她的父亲William Smart。这位父亲raised six children alone(独自抚养了6个孩子)。This became what we now celebrate as Father's Day.

    第一个父亲节was celebrated on 1910年的6月19日,在Washington(华盛顿)。现在这个节日is widely celebrated on the third Sunday of June(普遍在六月的第三个星期天庆祝)。

    中国也有自己的父亲节。在1945年,it was proposed in 1945 by patriots in Shanghai(它在上海由爱国者们提出),为的是honor fathers who died in the war(纪念在战争中牺牲的父亲们)。随后公历的8月8日便被定为“父亲节”,这个节日又被称为“八八节”,谐音“爸爸节”,现在中国台湾省还会庆祝这个节日。

    02 The Image of Fathers in Different Cultures父亲在不同文化中的形象

    在中国文化里,the traditional father image(传统的父亲形象)is mainly determined by(主要取决于)the family division of labor(家庭分工),也就是我们常说的“男主外,女主内”。

    • division /dɪˈvɪʒ(ə)n/ n.分配

    这种cultural tradition(文化传统)对男性角色的定位是:男人们必须assume the economic responsibility of the family(承担家庭的经济责任),并且engage in more social activities outside the home(更多参与到家庭以外的社会活动中)。

    在美国,父亲也是traditionally seen as(传统意义上被看作)breadwinners(养家糊口的人)。不过现在,越来越多的父亲are more involved in parenting(更多地参与到养育孩子的过程中)。

    • breadwinner n. 养家糊口的人

    03 The Fathers of Our Hosts主播们的父亲

    主播Erin的父亲has always been present(全程都在)。He had always been there for her(他一直陪在她身边)since she was young. Erin会记得父亲在elementary school(小学)的时候taught her to skate(教她滑冰)和ride a bike。She trust him so much.这些对培养一个人的sense of potency(力量感)和spirit of adventure(冒险精神)都是很重要的。

    • potency /ˈpoʊt(ə)nsi/ n.支配力

    She’s so thankful for her father. 在过去的十年里,当她spent a lot of time commuting to swim practice(为了游泳训练而花很长时间通勤)的时候,她的父亲总会坐在车里,边工作边等她,never once complained(从来没有抱怨过一次) 。这种从父亲那里得到的companionship(陪伴)和encouragement(鼓励),让Erin总能感受到他的silent support(默默的支持)。

    • commute /kəˈmju:t/ v.通勤

    有人说:父亲是一种独特的存在,对培养孩子有一种特别的力量,这是任何人、任何角色都替代不了的。他们可以带给孩子们security(安全)、strength(力量)还有encouragement(鼓励)。他们会foster(培养)a sense of adventure(一种冒险精神)和creativity(创造力)in their child,这点是essential for their growth(对于孩子们的成长不可或缺)。

    • foster v.促进,培养

    主播Flora的父亲fits the stereotypes of a traditional Chinese father(很符合一位传统的中国父亲的形象)。He was hardly involved in her life and studies.(他几乎不参与她的生活和学业),但与此同时,he was very strict with her(他对她要求非常严格)and very demanding of her(对她要求很高)。当她想起父亲的时候,the first thing that comes to mind(第一个想到的)就是他的harshness(严厉),所以她发现自己不知道如何去to be grateful(感恩)以及appreciate(领会)这种严厉的爱。

    • stereotype /ˈsteriətaɪp/ n.刻板印象

    • harshness /ˈhɑ:rʃnəs/ n.严肃


    You cannot decide who loves you, but you can always choose to love yourself.(你无法决定谁爱你,但你总是可以爱你自己。)

    • altruistic /ˌæltruˈɪstɪk/ adj.利他的

    在谈到教育孩子时,一些家长觉得手足无措,认为“自己是第一次做父母”没经验。没有育儿的方法和能力却又不愿意学习,这才导致了家庭教育在孩子的整个教育环节中的缺位甚至是错位。作为父母,parenting requires continuous learning and adaptation(养育孩子需要一个不断学习和适应的过程)。





    16 June 2024, 6:44 am
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    音乐:I See You


    01  中西方的重要升学考试

    高考(the college entrance exam)is a once-a-year event(一年一次的事件)。对于中国的考生而言,它在我们心中的分量非常地重要。很多人把高考看作是一个life-defining moment(一个决定命运的时刻)。

    在美国,也有像高考这样的standardized tests(标准化考试),这些考试在他们的大学录取中play a significant role(起着非常重要的作用)。这两个重要的考试分别是SAT和ACT。

    SAT,全称the Scholastic Aptitude Test,是学术上的(scholastic)一种能力测试(aptitude test)。美国很多顶尖的学院和大学require SAT scores as part of their admissions criteria(都把SAT的考试成绩作为一种录取标准的一部分)。It's also a major factor in awarding scholarships. 而且,这也是决定奖学金颁发的一个主要因素。

    • scholastic /skəˈlæstɪk/ adj.学术上的

    • admission /ədˈmɪʃ(ə)n/ n.准入

    • criteria /kraɪˈtɪriə/ n.标准

    ACT,全称the American College Testing,is accepted by over 3,000 U.S. colleges(被3000多所美国大学所接受)。这种考试is more of a subject-based test(更多的是一个针对基础课程的测试),一共考5门,分别是English,math,reading,science,还有一个optional writing section(选做的写作部分)。ACT考试更加侧重students' knowledge(学生的知识) and their ability to think critically and make decisions(批判性思考以及做决定的能力)。

    大多数的美国考生在SAT和ACT中任选一个来考就可以,他们会based on what they feel more comfortable in(根据自己更喜欢哪个)来做出选择,比如我们的主播Erin就选择了SAT考试,而她的一个朋友就选择了ACT考试。

    02  美国大学录取除了看成绩,还看这些因素

    The scores are required as part of their admissions criteria.不管是SAT考试还是ACT考试,分数只是大学录取标准的一部分。U.S. colleges take a holistic approach.美国的大学采取了一种全面的录取方法。

    • holistic /hoʊˈlɪstɪk/ adj.整体的

    他们还会看your high school grades(你整个高中的成绩),recommendation letters(推荐信),personal statements(个人陈述)以及extracurricular activities(课外活动的成果)。This method of talent selection does sound more comprehensive.这种录取方式听上去非常地全面。

    • recommendation /ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/ n.推荐信

    • extracurricular /ˌekstrəkəˈrɪkjələr/ adj.学校课程以外的

    It is both beneficial and difficult.但这种选拔方式是益处与挑战并存的。因为如果你simply have outstanding grades(只是成绩优异),you will struggle to get into top universities(是很难进入顶尖大学的)。因为他们希望看到you making an impact in your community(对社区的影响) and applying your skills(对技能的应用)。

    很多人会觉得美国的学生上学很轻松,作业又少,而且备考压力也没有那么大。但其实,他们只是 don’t spend as much time in school and doing homework,their after school life is often very busy as well(他们的课后生活会很忙),会花时间做一些课外活动,比如说volunteering(志愿活动)。

    03  中国最早的标准化考试——科举制

    中国最早的标准化考试(standardized tests)科举制started in the Sui Dynasty(起源于隋朝),and was perfected during the Tang and Song Dynasties(在唐宋时期完善),它是the world's longest-lasting standardized examination system(世界上持续时间最长的标准化考试制度)。

    这个考试系统非常地具有革命性。它打破了固化的社会阶层,让来自普通家庭的talented individuals(有才之士)也能通过考试进入官府,从而改变他们的social status(社会地位)。

    • status /ˈsteɪtəs/ n.(尤指在社会中的)地位

     Its influence didn't stop at China's borders. 科举制走出了国门。It had some impact on the Western examination system.它对西方的考试制度产生了一定的影响。在16-17世纪的时候,Jesuit missionaries like Matteo Ricci introduced the Keju to Europe(像利玛窦这样的传教士把科举制引入了欧洲)。科举制在selecting talented individuals fairness(在选拔人才的公平性)以及efficiency(效率)方面起到了重要的作用。

    • border  n.边界(地区)

    Ricci’s writings highlighted how the system provided opportunities for the poor but talented to achieve high positions through personal effort.利玛窦的著作强调了这个制度如何为贫穷但有才华的人提供了通过个人努力提升社会地位的机会。

    The idea of a systematic, merit-based selection process was inspirational. It contributed to the evolution of modern educational and civil service systems in the West.这样一个系统性并且以成绩为基础的选拔制度对当代的教育和考试制度有重大的启发作用。它促进了西方现代教育和公务员制度的发展。

    • inspirational /ˌɪnspəˈreɪʃənl/ adj.给予灵感的

    • contribute... to ...促成

    不管你参加的是高考,还是SAT或ACT,每场考试或选拔制度都有它自己的挑战和机遇。但是不管结果如何,你的能力和潜力是绝对不能由一场考试来定义的。Stay resilient and keep your eyes on your broader goals. Exams are just one step on your journey. 把目光放在更长远的目标上,考试只是我们人生旅途中的一部分而已。这样想的话,可能会让你少一分焦虑,多一分从容和舒畅。

    • resilient /rɪˈzɪliənt/ adj.有复原力的


    13 June 2024, 2:33 pm
  • 10 minutes 20 seconds
    英语话端午 | 祝大家端午安康

    主播:Flora(中国)+ Erin(美国)


    今天,我们来聊一聊端午节(the Dragon Boat Festival)。

    01端午节的历史(History of the Dragon Boat Festival)

    The Dragon Boat Festival has a long history(历史悠久)that dates back over 2,000 years (有2000多年的历史了). Many Westerners are amazed by the ancient traditions (古老的传统)and cultural depth (文化深度) of this festival. 

    • date back 追溯到

    • ancient /ˈeɪnʃənt/adj.古老的

    It’s really funny, when they learn that the Dragon Boat Festival has been celebrated since the time of Qu Yuan (听说端午节从屈原时代就开始庆祝了), they often draw comparisons (比较) like, “While the Roman Empire (罗马帝国)was at its peak (处于鼎盛时期), the Chinese were already celebrating this festival (中国人就已经开始庆祝这个节日了)!”

    • draw comparison:进行比较

    • peak n. 巅峰

    It’ s truly incredible (不可思议) to think about the longevity (持久) and continuity (连续性) of such traditions. 其实,正是因为中华优秀传统文化代代相传、源远流长,我们才会至今仍然庆祝端午节。

    • longevity /lɔ:nˈdʒevəti/ n.持久

    • continuity /ˌkɑ:ntɪˈnu:əti/ n.连续性,连贯性

    02端午节的起源(The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival)

    It begins with Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet (爱国诗人)who drowned (溺死) himself in a river as a protest against (抗议)corruption (腐败).

    • protest v.(公开)反对,抗议

    • corruption /kəˈrʌpʃ(ə)n/ n.贪污,腐败

    Locals raced out in boats to save him (当地人乘船要去救屈原) or at least retrieve (找回) his body, and this tradition evolved into (演变成)the dragon boat races today (今天的龙舟比赛). 这就是“赛龙舟”的由来了。

    • race out匆忙离开

    • retrieve /rɪˈtri:v/ v.找回

    The people in order to not let the fish and shrimp (为了不让鱼虾)in the river to eat Qu Yuan's body (损伤屈原的躯体), they threw food wrapped in (裹在)bamboo tubes (竹筒) into the river.这就是我们最早的粽子——“筒粽”的由来了。

    • wrap /ræp/ v.包,裹

    • tube n.管状物

    Speaking of dragon boat races (说到赛龙舟), many Westerners find it fascinating (吸引人的) that people commemorate (怀念)Qu Yuan’s death by eating zongzi and racing boats (人们通过吃粽子和赛龙舟来纪念屈原的死). 

    • commemorate /kəˈmeməreɪt/ v.纪念

    在很多西方人看来,这样的做法可能sound a little silly,因为他们会觉得throwing food into the river won’t stop the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body(往河里扔食物并不能阻止鱼虾吃屈原的尸体). But every cultural tradition has its own rationale (每个文化的传统都自有它的道理)。主播Flora反而觉得这体现了人们对这位伟大诗人的love and respect(敬爱与尊重)。

    • rationale /ˌræʃəˈnæl/ n.根据

    When we focus on (聚焦于)Western culture, the Christmas traditions (圣诞传统)are quite unique,too – like a jolly old man (一个喜气洋洋的老爷爷) sliding down chimneys (滑下烟囱)to deliver gifts (送礼物). Every culture has its own “holiday logic (逻辑)”.

    • jolly /ˈdʒɑ: li/ adj.愉快的,高兴的

    • slide /slaɪd/ v.滑落

    03咸粽(Savory Zongzi)vs甜粽(Sweet Zongzi)

    One of the main traditions of the festival(这个节日的主要传统之一)is making and eating zongzi, which are sticky rice (糯米) dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves (竹叶). They are so delicious (美味)!

    • sticky /ˈstɪki/ adj.黏性的

    There are so many varieties as well (有很多不同的种类). For example, in the south, you’ll find savory (咸味的) zongzi filled with pork(猪肉)or salted egg yolk (咸蛋黄), which are Erin’s favorite. 

    • savory /ˈseɪvəri/ adj.咸味的

    • variety /vəˈraɪəti/ n.种类

    • yolk /joʊk/ n.蛋黄

    In the north, people often prefer(更喜欢)zongzi filled with red bean paste (红豆馅) or dates (红枣馅). Each region has its own unique twist after all (每个地区都会有自己独特的风情).

    • paste n.糊状物

    • red date n.红枣

    • twist n.变化

    Among them, the red date zongzi, or枣粽(zao zong) is special. The name sounds like “early success” - “早中”in Chinese, making it a popular treat (非常受欢迎)during the high school entrance exams (高考), as it symbolizes (象征)wishing students good luck (祝学生们好运). 

    • symbolize /ˈsɪmbəlaɪz/ v.象征

    今年的端午节正值高考之际,一席在这里祝广大考生(all candidates)金榜题名,考入自己理想学府(we wish all candidates the admission to your desired schools)!

    不管你吃没吃“枣粽”都祝大家“早中”(We wish you all early success)!

    • candidate /ˈkændɪdət/ n.应试者

    • admission n.准许加入

    • desired adj.想得到的

    In addition, the popularity (流行)of zongzi has even made its way to (传到)social media platforms (社交媒体平台)like TikTok (抖音). 

    People from different countries all gather to (聚集)watch creators (创作者)make zongzi, and everyone is craving this delicious delicacy (美味佳肴).

    • crave v.渴望

    • delicacy /ˈdelɪkəsi/ n.佳肴

    Erin saw some really interesting comments (看到了一些非常有趣的评论), like “It looks like a shark tooth (很像鲨鱼的牙齿), thank you for the recipe (食谱)!”. 

    Another one says, “Wow, Chinese tamales (玉米粽)! I want some.” Tamale is a traditional food of Central America (中美洲的传统食物).玉米粽也叫墨西哥粽,它和粽子有一些相似之处,所以美国网友说这是“中国的玉米粽”。

    It’s really cool to see people of all different cultures talking about how zongzi remind (使想起)them of certain foods from their own culture! 

    端午节除了吃粽子之外,我们还会tie colorful strings around children’s wrists(在手腕上系五彩绳)for protection(寻求保护),wear fragrant sachets(佩香囊)to ward off evil(驱邪),hang mugwort and calamus (挂艾草和菖蒲) to purify the air (净化空气)。

    • sachet /sæˈʃeɪ/ n.香囊

    • ward off v.避开,挡住

    • mugwort /ˈmʌɡˌwɜ: rt/ n.艾叶

    • calamus /ˈkæləməs/ n.菖蒲

    • purify v.使(某物)洁净

    04 赛龙舟(Dragon Boat Racing)走向国际

    Besides the culinary delights (美食佳肴),there is another popular activity is dragon boat racing (赛龙舟).赛龙舟现在已经成为了一项international sport(国际运动),而且还在世界各地举办competitions(比赛)。

    • culinary /ˈkʌlɪneri/ adj.烹饪的

    • delight n.乐事

    It’s amazing to see how this ancient festival has evolved(这个古老的节日是如何演变而来的)and been embraced globally (被全球接受).

    • evolve v.(使)逐渐演变

    • embrace v.拥抱;欣然接受

    There’s a saying that goes, “Watching dragon boat races in New York, eating zongzi in Paris- that’s the global village (在纽约看龙舟比赛,在巴黎吃粽子,原来地球村真的是一个村子).”

    05 Globalization of the Festival: Globalization of Culture (节日全球化——文化全球化)

    The way the Dragon Boat Festival has been adopted (采用)internationally truly reflects (反应)the cultural globalization (文化全球化)we’re witnessing (见证)today.

    有人说:端午节就像一个会飞的粽子(the Dragon Boat Festival has become like a flying zongzi)——从中国出发(starting from China),裹上各国风味(it’s wrapped in flavors from around the world),最后带着更加丰富的口味又回到中国(returns to China with even richer tastes)。

    • flavor n.味(道)

    有人担心粽子会失去原味,但是越来越多样的粽子恰恰体现了中华文化的包容性(the inclusiveness of Chinese culture)。After all, if we can accept zongzi with all sorts of fillings (馅), why not a pizza zongzi (披萨粽子)? 

    Flora said if they ever come out with (推出)pizza stuffed zongzi, she’ll definitely try them (她一定会尝试). Because she loves zongzi but she loves pizza as well.

    come out with v.把……投入市场

    Flora觉得推出并且尝试不同口味的粽子不但不会失去我们传统的味道,反而可以让更多的人了解并喜欢上粽子(trying different flavors of zongzi will onlymakeus like them more)。

    西方对中国传统节日的看法是多元(diverse)且动态(ever-changing)的。从最初的陌生(unfamiliarity)、有误解(misunderstandings),到现在的欣赏(appreciation)和参与(participation),这一变化反映了中国在国际舞台上地位的提升(China’s growing influence on the global stage)。




    9 June 2024, 12:43 pm
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